Integrated care

What is integrated care?

People benefit from care that is person-centred and co-ordinated within healthcare settings, across mental and physical health and across health and social care.

For care to be integrated, organisations and care professionals need to transform care to bring together all of the different elements of support that a person needs.

A person’s care may be provided by several different health and social care professionals, across different providers. As a result people can experience health and social care services that are fragmented, difficult to access and not based around their (or their carers’) needs.

Delivering integrated care is essential to improving outcomes for people who use health and social care services. Reducing gaps and inefficiencies in care should also be able to offer some opportunities for financial savings.

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What are the local integrated care programmes?

  • Healthy Wirral

    Healthy Wirral aims to transform the way health and wellbeing services are designed and delivered in Wirral, by putting people at the centre of everything. The programme is jointly sponsored by Wirral Clinical Commissioning Group and Wirral Council, in partnership with CWP and other Wirral healthcare organisations.

    Healthy Wirral is all about:

    Right choices - supporting smarter, healthier choices; right chances - helping everyone in Wirral to have the best start in life and access to the right services for them; right time - supporting everyone right through their lives and making sure they can access support when they need to; right care - working as one big team across Wirral, and using technology to help people be more independent; right place - bringing services into people’s homes and communities; right partnerships - working together for and with our community; right attitude - moving from “what’s the matter with me?” to “what matters to me?”

    Find out more about Healthy Wirral. ​

  • Joining up Care in West Cheshire


    The local NHS and Cheshire West and Chester Council is committed to developing a joined-up health and care system that is safe, affordable and, most importantly, meets the needs of the people of Cheshire West.

    In Cheshire West we have a strong track record of working together but we know we can do even better to deliver long-term changes that are backed by investment. Our plans to further join up care in Cheshire West have been carefully thought through, led by clinicians and frontline staff and shaped by the experiences of local people.

    Joining up health and care will help the people of Cheshire West live longer, healthier lives at home, or in a homely setting. Patients will be at the centre of all decisions and will receive higher standards of quality and safety.

    Read more about the Cheshire West Integrated Care Partnership by reading the Joining up Care in Cheshire West document

    Read the Cheshire West Integrated Care Partnership FAQs

  • Connecting Care in Cheshire

    Connecting Care in Cheshire is supported by Cheshire West and Chester Council and Cheshire East Council, along with the four local Clinical Commissioning Groups. The vision is that within three years residents of Cheshire will enjoy a better standard of health and wellbeing. It is based on implementing models of care and support based on integrated communities, integrated case management, integrated commissioning and integrated enablers.

    Find out more about Connecting Care in Cheshire

  • Caring Together

    Caring Together aims to deliver a new system of health and social care across Eastern Cheshire that joins up local care for all our wellbeing. It is about the providers of care working with the people who receive care, their support networks, family friends and carers.

    Find out more about Caring Together.

Cheshire Care Record 

What is the Cheshire Care Record?

The Cheshire Care Record is a collaboration between health and social care services across Cheshire and will give all health and social care professionals access to more detailed shared notes than ever before.

Cheshire and Wirral Partnership NHS Foundation Trust, GPs, hospitals and social care services will automatically feed the care record with useful information including test results, medications and allergies to enable you to more informed decisions about person-centred care. 

What does this mean for me?

  • You don't have to keep repeating your health or social care history
  • You will receive the right treatment and care
  • There will be a reduction in duplicate appointments and tests

Who will be able to see my care record?

Your care record will only be accessed by health and social care professionals. You will be asked to give consent for all relevant professionals to view your record.

 Find out more about the Cheshire Care Record.

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