#MyCWPApprenticeship - Chloe Martin

Chloe Martin, 18, from Buckley in North Wales, is currently completing an Estio IT Apprenticeship at CWP. This is her Apprenticeship Story…

“In my last few years at school I worked part-time for a catering company providing meals at local schools and care homes.

“I liked the feeling of helping vulnerable people in my local community. But when I got my school results it was obvious that my future was in IT.”

Chloe contacted Estio and after completing a short interview began her two year IT Apprenticeship in October 2015. 

Estio found Chloe a placement at CWP. She’s since completed a Microsoft Office Masters, as well as several courses in information, data and networking.

Chloe’s work has also been recognised by the North West NHS Skills Development Network.

“I’m so glad that my placement has been at CWP. I’ve gained experience of working in a number of different teams and I’ve been able to learn so much in such a short space of time.”

Chloe is currently supporting CWP’s Information and Redesign Team at the Countess of Chester Health Park.

As an apprentice, Chloe reports on patient activity, assists with data quality queries and even writes her own information reports. The team also really appreciate Chloe’s help in establishing an annual plan and coordinating weekly team meetings.

“I’m really happy with my apprenticeship. The work is great, the team are friendly and I’m basically getting paid to learn!

“It’s even better that I’m completing my apprenticeship at CWP. Some of my friends have got mental health conditions so, although I’m not working on the frontline, it’s nice to work for an organisation that helps people in similar circumstances.”  

Following her current apprenticeship Chloe would like to stay at CWP to complete a course in Business Management. We wish Chloe all the best for the remainder of her apprenticeship and beyond. Good luck, Chloe!

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Photo: Chloe Martin works with CWP’s Information and Redesign Team at Countess of Chester Health Park


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