Person Centred Framework

Our 'person-centred framework’ is made up of tools and approaches to help us to practically apply person-centred principles in all we do. Co-produced by people who access services, their carers, families and staff colleagues, the eight overarching principles celebrate and support us all as unique individuals with our own strengths, abilities needs and aspirations.

Person-centredness is about connecting with people as unique individuals with their own strengths, abilities, needs and goals.

  • Our person centred principles

    Our overarching principles for the Person Centred Framework are:

    • We are all unique, with our own strengths, needs and aspirations. We know that everyone has different abilities and that we all have something to offer. We will respect and nurture different experiences and viewpoints
    • We are both willing to learn and are glad to support everyone to live full lives
    • We believe that mental health and physical health are as important as each other. We will work together to make life the best it can be, remaining positive and hopeful, treating each other fairly and consistently
    • We will celebrate our achievements and learn from everything we do, and we will have the courage to speak up and voice our views. We will always try to improve things to make a lasting difference
    • We will be honest, realistic and clear about our roles, using language that we all understand.
    • We believe it is important for us to know what matters to each person we meet. We will be adaptable in our approach, working in partnership to provide care which, as far as possible, takes into account each person’s preferences
    • We will encourage and support informed decision-making, giving everyone the choice of when to invite others to act on their behalf. We will empower people to express their preferences and provide support and advice on the different options available, allowing people to make meaningful choices
    • We will work with everyone’s strengths, abilities and those things we may not be so good at, to work together to achieve our goals, taking time to celebrate the good things we do.


Make your person centred pledge!

Over the coming months we will be making pledges about how we can be more person centred - and you can do the same! Simply write your pledge onour person centred template and take a picture. You can either upload to Twitter (@CWPNHS #makeapledge) or send to us, and we will publish our favourites! For more information or to send us your pledge, email

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