IC16 Standard Operating Procedure for handling of linen and clothing

Infection prevention and control
Issue No
Issue 4

Target Audience

All CWP staff


Clothing or bed linen used by service users is a potential infection risk to those staff who are handling it on a ward or department; and during transportation to or processing in the laundry.

The risk of acquiring infection from linen, even if it is contaminated by blood and body fluids or excreta from infected service users is low, if it is handled with gloves and sealed in an impermeable bag at source and laundered in accordance with the appropriate policy.


Lead executive
Director of Nursing, Therapies and Patient Partnership

Author and contact number
Infection Prevention and Control (IPC) Team
01244 397700

Policy dates & history

Implementation Date

31 January 2019

Review Date

31 January 2024

Approval Meeting

Infection Prevention and Control Sub Committee (IPCSC)


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