IC3 Standard (Universal) infection control precautions policy

Infection prevention and control
Issue No
Issue 9

Target Audience

All CWP staff


Universal precautions recognise that there are simple, key precautions that can be used in the care of all service users which minimise the risk of Infectious agents being transmitted to healthcare workers and or service users. It is a key policy that all Trust staff must familiarise themselves with. This policy has been developed for all Trust employees to be able to refer to regarding the principles of Universal Precautions.


Lead executive
Director of Infection, Prevention and Control (DIPC)

Author and contact number
Infection Prevention and Control Team
01244 397700

Policy dates & history

Implementation Date

31 January 2019

Review Date

31 January 2024

Approval Meeting

Infection Prevention and Control Sub Committee


IC3 Standard Infection Control Precautions Policy Issue 9.pdf

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