MP1 Medicines policy

Medicine management
Issue No
Issue 9a

Target Audience

All clinical staff


SOP1 - Ordering and receipt of controlled drugs from pharmacy SOP2 - Storage and entry of controlled drugs into the controlled drug record book
SOP3 - Administration of controlled drugs to patients
SOP4 - Handling Discrepancies of controlled drugs
SOP5 - Destruction of unwanted / out-of-date stock controlled drugs
SOP6 - Disposal/destruction of prepared/partly-used controlled drugs not administered to patients
SOP7 - Recording and administering of patients’ own controlled drugs
SOP8 - Security and transportation of controlled drugs from pharmacy to wards/departments and vice-versa
SOP9 - Controlled drug stock and record checks
SOP10 - Security of controlled drug keys
SOP11 - Use of denaturing kits
SOP12 - Procedure for the accepting and disposal of illegally held controlled drugs / unknown substances, found in the possession of in-patients.


Lead executive
Medical Director

Author and contact number
Chief Pharmacist
01244 397379

Policy dates & history

Implementation Date

23 June 2015

Review Date

23 June 2016

Approval Meeting

Medicines Management Group (MMG)


Document Quality Group (DQG)



MP1 Medicines Policy Issue 9a.pdf

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