Stress Control Classes

What is it?  A course

How much is it? It’s free

Do I need a GP’s referral?  No

Where? Upcoming classes available in Crewe & Winsford

When?  Upcoming classes due to run on Tuesday & Wednesday evenings.

How will it help me feel better?  Stress control is a course where you can learn ways to deal with stress and boost your self-confidence.  It targets a range of problems including; depression, anxiety, panic, poor sleep and low self-esteem.

This is not group therapy and you will not be required to share any personal information or speak in front of others.  You simply come along, listen and learn new skills. 

The course is broken down into 6 weekly sessions of 90 minutes (with a break)

Session 1

Information about stress

Stress Control in nine words

Session 2

Manage stress in our body

Relaxation and breathing techniques

Session 3

Manage our stressful thoughts

Thinking your way out of stress

Session 4

Manage stress through action

Solving problems and facing your fears

Session 5

Understand and overcome panic

Understand and improve sleep

Breathing retraining

Retraining your sleep

Session 6

Improving  wellbeing

Controlling your future

Five a day

Becoming your own therapist

It is important that you try to attend all 6 sessions as they will each target a separate aspect of stress and will link together in the final session. 

Please call us on 01606 555 211 for more information or to reserve a place on the next available course

26 July 2016


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