Advice about well-being whilst staying at home

26 March 2020

Local mental health and community NHS trust, Cheshire and Wirral Partnership (CWP) is encouraging people to look after their well-being, and the well-being of others, during the COVID-19 pandemic.

On Monday 23 March, the UK government introduced new guidelines on how to protect yourself and those you care about over the coming weeks.

The advice is for people to stay at home, and:

  • Only go outside for food, health reasons or work (where this absolutely cannot be done from home);
  • Stay 2 metres (6ft) away from other people;
  • Wash your hands as soon as you get home.

This change to our way of living as a society may have a number of effects, not least the impact it may have on people’s well-being and mental health. But there is lots of helpful advice online regarding practical steps a person can take to ensure that positive well-being can be maintained while staying at home, courtesy of the Every Mind Matters campaign’s dedicated Coronavirus resource.

Director of nursing, therapies and patient partnership, Gary Flockhart said: “We are currently facing some challenging circumstances due to the COVID -19 virus outbreak. However, despite the challenges, I would encourage people to look after their own well-being and the well-being of others. By staying active, having a daily routine and doing things you enjoy, people can look after their physical and mental well-being.

“I would also urge anybody who has concerns, feels worried or scared about the current situation to talk to somebody and stay connected with your friends and families. There are also a number of helplines and community groups available so that you don’t have to face your worries alone.”

Among the tips and advice is to try and stay connected with others, look after your body with a well-balanced diet and take some exercise, try to do things you enjoy and also take some time to relax.

Click here for a list of NHS-recommended helplines available for people who would like further support. The help in a crisis section of this website also contains information for anybody experiencing a mental health crisis.

Further information about community groups in your local area who may be able to support your practical and emotional needs can be found here: 

For more information about COVID-19 please visit the NHS website’s dedicated page with the latest advice. 

There is also further guidance available on other issues: 

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