Nursing Associates Blog - October 2017 - Amy Leigh

02 November 2017

Hello, my name is Amy Leigh and I am currently training to be a Nursing Associate.

I was fortunate enough to write the first CWP Nursing Associates blog this year. I have been very busy since January!

My second placement began with the Liscard District nursing team in June and I can honestly say it was absolutely fantastic. Coming from a Mental Health and Learning Disabilities background I have never actually worked in a physical health setting before, so I had lots of new skills to learn.

From day one, I had 2 mentors to work with who closely supported me and taught me everything they possibly could. Alongside my clinical practice, I spent time researching all of the physical health conditions I was working with, which hugely benefitted me.

My journey on this placement has been an enjoyable one. I went from working closely with my mentors to being prepared to go out and work in the community. I have loved working in Wallasey and have been lucky enough to really get to know the patients and share their journeys too.

I don’t believe I would have felt so confident and competent at the end of my placement without the incredible support I received from my mentors and the rest of the team. I always felt 100% at ease and included in the team. I would like to thank the Liscard team for all of their help and kindness and urge other students and trainees to gain some experience here throughout their training if the opportunity arises.

This placement has really highlighted the beauty of the nursing associate training for me. I am able to experience all areas of nursing rather than just one specific area, then subsequently using this varied knowledge out in practice. Without this opportunity I wouldn’t have been able to gain hands-on experience within different services of nursing and I wouldn’t have known how much I would enjoy working in physical health.

I am currently now in my third placement back at CWP – Ashton House (Community Learning Disability Service). I am enjoying settling into my new placement, getting to know my new mentor and learning what this service provides. I had previously worked on a Children’s Learning disability ward in the North East and I am enjoying learning how we support individuals in the community.

Overall I have enjoyed the first year of training to be a nursing associate and I am thankful for the opportunities as well as the new friendships within my cohort and out on placement.  I am proud to work within a profession, where we strive for positive outcomes and hope to change peoples’ lives for the better.

Senior Nursing Update - Gary Flockhart

I was pleased to hear about Amy’s experiences as she approaches the end of her first year in training as they reflect and highlight our approach to person centred care. Gaining experience in a wide variety of nursing areas is an essential part of our Nursing Associate programme for all trainees.

I continue to be delighted by the reports I hear about how helpful and encouraging staff are towards our Trainee Nursing Associates. The support of mentors in practice settings is crucial to the success of the programme and I would like to extend my ongoing thanks and appreciation for this support.

I would also like to wish all our Trainee Nursing Associates good luck as they continue their training.

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