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09 March 2017

This week we have been introducing our new Person Centred Framework to colleagues across CWP.

Each day, members of our executive and non-executive team - alongside staff from Communications and Engagement and Patient and Carer Experience - have been visiting services throughout our footprint to share ideas around person centredness.

“Person-centredness: connecting with people as unique individuals with their own strengths, abilities, needs and goals.”

For people who either deliver direct care or support those that do, being person centred is, of course, an instinctive trait that, for many, naturally drew them towards a career in healthcare in the first place.

However, despite our shared instincts, we want to make sure that we also have a shared understanding about how we can put these values into practice. This is about giving you the confidence to recognise that everything isn’t always black or white, and helping you to do your job accordingly, with the support and trust of everyone at CWP.

This is where our Person Centred Framework comes in. The framework, which you can access on our website, is made up of tools and approaches to help apply person centred principles in everything we do. Co-produced by people who access services, their carers, families and staff colleagues, the eight overarching principles celebrate and support us all as unique individuals.

It’s a fantastic resource that has something for everyone – and includes best practice examples of person-centred activities both from within CWP and nationally. I’d really encourage everyone to spend a few minutes exploring all the wonderful examples and tools our framework has to offer.

So far on our introduction to person-centredness, we’ve visited Milbrook, Springview, Ancora House, Bowmere, Redesmere, Stanney Lane Clinic, Westminster Surgery and East Recovery College – and the interest and engagement from everyone has been fantastic. We’ve helped colleagues focus on how they can make this meaningful day-to-day, and encouraged them to make their own person centred pledges. A few of these include:

  • Avril Devaney, Director of Nursing, Therapies and Patient Partnerships: “I pledge to see all conversations as an opportunity to connect with what matters to the person.”
  • Peter Vernon, Clinical Support Worker on Croft Ward: "I pledge to engage with patients and carers with compassion."
  • Liz Matthews, Associate Director for Patient Experience: "I pledge to spend more time listening to empathise and make connections."
  • Cerys Chadwick, Ward Manager on Cherry Ward: "I pledge to see the person and not the illness."
  • Simon Hough, Lived Experience Advisor: "I pledge to listen more and not make judgement before I get the full picture."

We’d love as many of you as possible to get involved by sending us your person centred pledges. You can either write your pledge on our person centred template and upload a picture to Twitter (@CWPNHS #makeapledge), or send us your pledge directly via

Best wishes,



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