Your Right to Easy Read Information

We all know Easy Read is helpful but did you know it is your Right? Take a look at this helpful film that tells you about your right to information in a way that works for you.


What Good Easy Read Information Looks Like 

Take a look at our golden rules for creating good easy read information. Improve how your organisation shares important information so that more people can make good decisions and take control in their lives.



Creative Ways of Sharing Information 

We all know that Easy Read helps a lot of people to get the information they need.  Some people will still struggle, find out how you can help even more people to get the information they need to make good decisions and take control in their lives.



If you cannot find what you are looking for use the search function below to look for CWP Easy Read Leaflets. 

File Type Title
folder icon Assessments
folder icon Care planning
folder icon Complaints
folder icon Information we hold about you
folder icon Health and Wellbeing
folder icon Police
folder icon Community teams
folder icon Consent
folder icon Health action plan
folder icon Hospital information
folder icon Inpatient services
folder icon Involvement
folder icon Physical Health
folder icon Keeping healthy
folder icon Mental Health