Ask Listen Do, Ensuring your experience makes a difference to how we deliver our services.


  • We will ask you about your experience of using our services. We want to know what has worked well but also things we need to improve on.


  • We will listen to what you tell us so we can understand what care has been like for you.


  • We will share the positive things you tell us so we keep doing things right
  • We will act on any questions or concerns that you have and let you know what we are doing to make things right
  • We will learn from the feedback we receive so we can improve our services.

This Ask Listen Do Leaflet tells you about our feedback role. If you have any questions you can email Jim.



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Trustwide Ask, Listen, Do Reports 

Listening to your experience


All of our services now have an email address as an alternative way to contact our services.


We have developed 2 leaflets about having an initial assessment in our learning disability services. One for people who access our services and one for family, friends and carers.


We have looked at ways to help you remember who our staff are and how to contact them.

We have our service information leaflets and some of our teams also have business cards.


You told us that sometimes you need another person to speak up for you in appointments and phone calls.

We will check this out with you, ask your consent and record this information on your notes.



Info leaflet icon.png


A patient information leaflet has been developed in the ADHD service about obtaining medication and the importance of physical health checks.

Text icon.png


Text messaging reminders for ADHD appointments with wording based on feedback from people who have accessed the service.

Parking icon.png


Information leaflets for our learning disability inpatient services have been updated with more detailed parking information for visitors.




Our answerphone message for our Wirral services has been changed to include learning disability services.


You told us how difficult it is having to repeat your story at appointments.


We have reminded our staff to look at the history/notes of people before they attend appointments.


We have added information to our Autism initial appointment letters and assessment booklet to reassure people that the appointment online link will be sent out close to the appointment.