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Artwork by Helen Boyle ‘Sensory experience of Nature’

Publication and Active Link
Actual Website Address
NICE Clinical Guideline 142, Autism spectrum disorder in adults: diagnosis and management
NICE Clinical Guideline 170, Autism spectrum disorder in under 19s: support and management
National Development Team for Inclusion – It’s not Rocket Science!
Pathways and NHS England - Beyond the High Fence
Care Quality Commission – Out of Sight, Who Cares?
Mental Health Units (Use of Force) Act

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Every Local Authority is required to publish a Joint Strategic Needs Assessment covering its population health and care needs. Website links to the Joint Strategic Needs Assessments for the populations our services cover are detailed below.  

Cheshire and Wirral

Active Link

Actual website address

Cheshire East

Cheshire West

Wirral Strategic Needs Assessment (JSNA) - Wirral Intelligence Service


Wider areas of Cheshire and Merseyside

Active Link

Actual website address


Sefton (Local Authority area also covers the Southport and Formby population)

Halton health/JSNA/JSNASummary.pdf



St Helens


Key communities beyond Cheshire and Merseyside




Greater Manchester