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All courses have been postponed because of Covid-19. Please keep an eye on this page for any updates. 

Wirral Education for Wellbeing offers free courses and workshops to adults accessing Cwp’s secondary care mental health teams on the Wirral. It is primarily an educational service that looks to support students more widely in their mental health journey.

Wirral Education for Wellbeing is also open to family members and carers of individuals accessing CWP secondary care mental health teams on the Wirral.

The Education for Wellbeing service follows an adult education model and aims to deliver a curriculum which contains responsive recovery focused courses. All courses (where possible) have been co-produced and co-delivered by people who have lived experience, together with partnerships from staff within CWP and the local community.

Self-Management courses

In these courses you will learn more about different mental health conditions and techniques or general lifestyle changes that can help you to manage the symptoms of mental health problems. The tools you will learn may also help you to prevent some problems from developing or getting worse.

Physical Wellbeing courses 

These courses explore the link between physical health and mental wellbeing. Physical wellbeing involves exercising, good nutrition, and making healthy lifestyle choices and these courses cover these topics.

Taking Back Contro

These courses aim to provide you with tools and techniques that help you to feel empowered in making decisions around your care and wellbeing. These courses cover areas such as confidence building and learning how to be positively assertive around your needs.

Getting Involved 

In these courses, you can find out about how you can get involved with your local Education for Wellbeing centre, other services within CWP in the local area, and opportunities in the wider community.

To attend the Educaiton for Wellbeing workshops or courses you need to be aged 18 or over and accessing secondary mental health services within CWP, or be a carer or family member of someone who is accessing these services. 

If you have a copy of the Education for Wellbeing prospectus, you can enrol using the enrolment form found at the back of the booklet. Alternatively you can complete an enrolment form over the phone by calling the team on 0151 488 7250.

All workshops and courses are held in the Stein Centre, St Catherine's Hospital. When entering the Stein Centre, go to the main Outpatient Reception and they will direct you to Education for Wellbeing.

There are some quotes below from previous service users:

‘Tutor was well-informed, good at listening and gave good advice’

‘Well-informed and a variety of activities, friendly and approachable facilitators’

‘The course and the tutor were excellent’

‘Very informative and very helpful for those struggling’

‘Great detail with good room for community learning’

‘Staff are helpful, friendly and respectful’

‘The courses are educational and accessible’

‘Beneficial, supportive and interesting’