Our Adult Autism assessment Service is a local diagnostic and assessment service for adults who are believed to need an assessment for autism. People are assessed by two members of our team. We have autism clinical specialists, psychiatrists, specialist occupational therapists and specialist nurses.

The service has been commissioned by the Cheshire and Merseyside Integrated Care Board (Previously known as CCG).

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This service is available to anyone age 16 and over who has a GP in Cheshire West, Vale Royal or South Cheshire and those age 18 and over who has a GP in Cheshire East, Wirral or Shropshire. It is for those who have not received a previous diagnosis of autism and those who do not have a diagnosed learning disability.

If you have experienced traits of autism throughout your life, speak to your GP about a referral. They will complete a quick questionnaire (which is called an AQ10 or autism quotient questionnaire). They may complete it with you or ask you to complete it yourself or with someone who knows you well and return it to the surgery. 

If you trigger an assessment by answering the questionnaire, your GP will refer either directly to the autism service, or through a community mental health service, who will then assess your referral individually. 

Your GP will refer you if you meet the above criteria and are willing to go for the assessment. 

To learn more, you can view the AQ10 questionnaireread our leaflet on what to expect during your assessment, or watch the video displayed below that explains what the initial assessment process involve. You will be asked whether you would prefer a virtual or face to face assessment. The face to face assessment is described here. The virtual assessment process is similar, but can be undertaken at home.

If you would like more post diagnostic information please visit the Autism hub.


The Autism Hub is for people who are, or who may be autistic. It is also a useful space for family members, staff, and professionals who support autistic people. There are several services available via the Autism Hub and there are different services depending on your age, and if you have a learning disability.