The clinical pharmacy team (which comprises of pharmacists and pharmacy technicians) are part of the wider clinical team.

They aim to deliver high quality, patient-focused use of medicines by:

  • ensuring therapy is safe, appropriate and effective
  • counselling you on therapy appropriately throughout your journey in hospital
  • monitoring for adverse and side-effects
  • promoting the use of suitable Patient Own Drugs (PODs) in hospital.

What is medicines management?

"The entire way that medicines are selected, procured, delivered, prescribed, administered and reviewed to optimise the contribution that medicines make to producing informed and desired outcomes of patient care” A Spoonful of Sugar – Medicines Management in NHS Hospitals

Who works in the pharmacy department?

Pharmacists, pharmacy technicians and administrative support all work in the pharmacy department. 

Pharmacists – must complete a 4 year masters degree, 1 year foundation training and pass the General Pharmaceutical Society (GPhC) registration assessment. Must be on the GPhC register to practice. Pharmacists often complete additional training to complete clinical diplomas and also qualify as non-medical prescribers. In 2026, all pharmacists that pass the GPhC registration assessment will be registered as prescribers.

Pharmacy Technicians – must complete a GPhC-approved integrated competency and knowledge-based qualification/course. Must be on the GPhC register to practice.

Medicines supply at CWP

The medicines supply at CWP is managed by an external contractor and is based in Bowmere Hospital.

Inpatient service

Team of pharmacists and pharmacy technicians who cover the wards at all three localities (Wirral, Cheshire East and Cheshire West), taking part in multidisciplinary team meetings (MDTs), completing medicines reconciliation, counselling patients and arranging supplies of medicines to the wards.

Community Mental Health Team (CMHT) and Home Treatment Team (HTT) Pharmacists

Team of pharmacists working within the CMHT/HTT who are part of the team contacting patients about medication, prescribing medicines for patients in their role as non-medical prescribers and answering queries related to medication.

Neighbourhood Care

A pharmacist and pharmacy technician working within the GP out of hours service, urgent care treatment centre, community care teams, heart failure, physiotherapy, dermatology, tissue viability, podiatry, community urology and continence and community palliative care team. CWP also has three GP practices which also have pharmacists working within them.

Medication Safety

The Trust Medication Safety Officer (MSO) is the Medication Safety Pharmacist. They manage and finally approve all medication related incidents, attend incident management meetings and advise on medicines governance. The MSO is responsible for ensuring the Trust complies with all medicine related National Patient Safety Alerts.