The Emotionally Healthy Children and Young People project has been running for two years and is supported by several agencies, including CWP, Cheshire East Council, local schools, Eastern Cheshire CCG, NHS South Cheshire CCG and the charities Visyon and Just Drop In.

The project focuses on improving resilience across schools and aims to develop teaching staff to ensure they meet the mental health and wellbeing needs of their students.

For more information on the project, please visit the Emotionally Healthy Children and Young People page on the MyMind website. If you would like to access Visyon’s offer of support to schools, please visit their website.


Our core training, which is delivered in one day covers anxiety, depression, self-harm (including the Self-Harm Pathway) and outcome measures (specifically Strengths and Difficulties Questionnaire SDQ, understanding and scoring).

Staff are first asked to complete four mind-ed core modules and then attend the training session to gain additional knowledge and embed learning into practice. This is done through practical case studies and resources to help respond confidently to specific mental health difficulties.

Attendees can register for a training session and create a learning account on the MindEd website where the following modules can then be completed:

  • Measuring what happens (module code 410-067)
  • The worried child (module code 410-025)
  • Sad, bored or isolated (module code 410-021)
  • Self-harm and risky behaviour (module code 410-029)

If you are a pastoral staff member, safeguarding lead or someone with a special interest and function within the school/setting around mental health and emotional wellbeing, this course is ideal for you. However, the course is open to anyone and everyone working in a Cheshire East school, Local Authority Youth Provision, and Community Organisations Affiliated to Connected Communities.


Our mental health consultation advises individuals on the most appropriate interventions, resources and pathways for a child or young person who has been identified by a school or other setting as a cause for concern and a prioritisation for a consultation. 

This is a group-based offer and is useful for a member of staff that has previously attended our Mental Health Awareness Training, completed an SDQ and collated background information for the child or young person that they wish to discuss.


This part of our training offer can be accessed as a whole school during a twilight session, or inset day as required. We provide a session where staff can reflect on practice, share good working principles, and embed learning into their work with children and young people. There may be a focus on specific themes relating to practice to explore improved ways of working, and self-care, whilst ensuring a supportive environment.

Attendees should ideally be a member of staff who has attended our mental health awareness training and a consultation session, enabling them to reflect on strategies and resources that have been tried.