Our West Cheshire Learning Disability (LD) CAMHS team work closely with children and young people, their families/carers and professionals involved in their care to provide assessment, treatment and support to young people aged 0-18 with a severe learning disability and Early Years (0- School age) with a diagnosis of global developmental delay. 

Parent programmes

We currently offer the ‘Signposts for Building Better Behaviour’ programme ages 3-18.

Behaviour Assessments

We provide functional assessments which may involve interviewing parents/carers, observing the young person directly at home or at school, and asking parents and/or teachers to complete recording forms.

Behaviour strategies and interventions

The team utilizes a Positive Behaviour Support Model when working with young people and their families. We can create individualised plans written with the young person and their family.

Individual skills work

Using a person centered framework.

Sleep assessments and interventions

These are individualised to the young person/family.

Health facilitation

Support accessing reasonable adjustments and annual health checks.

Early Years (0-School Age) Extra Support Initiative

The team offer a service to all children with a diagnosis of global developmental delay and behavioural difficulties. We aim to provide a rapid access self-referral system to provide interventions to prevent and intervene early with any identified behavioural difficulties.

We accept referrals for children and young people aged 0-18 years that have a severe learning disability or Early Years with a diagnosis of global developmental delay. Referrals to our service are usually made when the young person is displaying problematic behaviour which may include difficulties such as aggression e.g. hitting out or self-injury (hurting themselves) and/or sleep problems.