COVID-19 - Updated visitor guidance

Dear visitors,

In response to the review of the national restrictions that are in place CWP has revised the guidance in relation to facilitating visiting to our inpatient facilities. Wherever possible, people admitted to inpatient services will be supported to maintain regular contact with family and friends using a range of media including phone and video calls. People will be given access to suitable devices and physical assistance to support this.

Face to face visiting can be facilitated for all people admitted to inpatient facilities and consideration will be given to enabling contact visits in line with the following requirements:

  • Contact visits must be facilitated in settings appropriate to the individual’s identified needs and risks.
  • Contact visits should not be facilitated in areas occupied or accessible by other patients for the duration of the contact.
  • All visits must be pre-booked with the ward/unit to ensure they can be facilitated safely.
  • The maximum number of visitors for each person per booked session will be determined by the ward circumstances (e.g. size of space available for visiting) but should remain limited as far as possible.
  • Visits must be time limited to a maximum of one hour per individual to allow effective staggering of contact visits for different individuals.
  • If the visitors are children they must be accompanied by a responsible adult for the duration of the visit which should be facilitated in an appropriate environment away from the ward/unit (e.g. a family room). Child visits should be limited to an individual’s direct dependants or siblings.
  • Visitors should be encouraged to undertake a Lateral Flow Test prior to attending any inpatient area for a face to face visit. Lateral Flow Tests can be obtained via the national portal, covid testing sites and local pharmacies. It is not essential to request evidence of Lateral Flow Test results prior to a visit taking place.
  • During face to face contact visitors must be asked to exercise caution in relation to close contact with the person they are visiting, wash their hands and wear a face covering at all times. Face coverings must be provided if visitors do not have access to their own.
  • People must not visit inpatient areas:
      • If they are COVID-19 positive.
      • If they are isolating as a contact of someone who is COVID-19 positive.
      • If they have been contacted by Test and Trace to say they are a contact of a COVID-19 positive patient.
      • If they have any symptoms of COVID-19.
      • If they are shielding due to anticipated surgery.

We understand that staying in touch with family and friends is important, so please continue to make contact via other means where face to face visits are not practical. Please do not visit a CWP ward or building if you are unwell and/or have any symptoms of COVID-19 including a high temperature, a new or continuous cough and/or a change or loss of sense to your taste or smell.

If you or someone you care for is about to stay in hospital with us please use this checklist to help you pack a small bag. Having these things with you will help to ensure you are prepared and have all you need to be comfortable, and improve your experience whilst in hospital. It is important that items are named to help prevent loss.

We appreciate your understanding at this time.

If you have any questions regarding your loved one please contact the ward directly or our Patient Advice and Liaison Service via 0800 195 4462 /

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