0093_cwp.JPGA new era of mental health care for Cheshire residents has arrived, as West and Central Cheshire Talking Therapies announce the launch of a referral chatbot using innovative AI technology.

The newly launched innovation will provide safe and effective access to NHS Talking Therapies provided locally by Cheshire and Wirral Partnership NHS Foundation Trust (CWP).

The service is for anyone aged 16 and over encountering common mental health challenges, including anxiety and depression. ‘Limbic AI’ assists psychological therapists in tailoring a responsive approach to a patient’s mental health needs.

Anxiety and depression affect one in four people each year across the UK. West and Central Cheshire Talking Therapies, previously known as IAPT (Improving access to psychological therapies) ensures that patients have easy access to mental health support.

James Sturmey, clinical lead for Central Cheshire NHS Talking Therapies, said:

“Using nationally approved AI technology presents an additional avenue for people to reach out when they need help.The system streamlines the referral and assessment process and ensures that people looking for support are guided to the services they require much quicker.

“Our aim is to make getting mental health support easy and the chatbot caters to people who might find phone interactions overwhelming. It offers a friendly and easy to use way for anyone taking their first steps towards seeking support.”

West and Central NHS Talking Therapies provides a variety of options tailored to individual needs. These range from one-to-one over the phone, video to online courses. The services website also features free resources and tools to help people navigate life’s challenges more effectively.

The service welcomes anyone aged 16 and over, registered with a GP in West, Central and South Cheshire. Importantly, you don’t need to go through your GP to access support. People looking to access support can do so by visiting www.talkingtherapies.cwp.nhs.uk.